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GreenPeace Co-Founder – Can’t Prove Manmade Global Warming



Weakening The World’s Peacekeeper

Why we lost by passing the START treaty.


Global Warming? Unfortunately Not…

Great article about the global warming hoax.


Keep Your Head Up

With so many wrongs happening in America, here’s an article that will brighten your day…if you’re a conservative.


Do you know what’s worse than a liberal….

…Someone who compromises with them at every turn. The article below is just one example of many as to why you will no longer have my support. Have you ever heard the saying: “It’s better to be hot or cold, than luke warm.”? This “middle of the road” position that you take far too often is worse than just voting with the liberals all the time. You are short-sightedly advancing the destruction of the country by siding with the left and by being a RHINO republican. We supported your Senate run because you ran on conservative principals, but I guess Rush was right – don’t expect too much out of a Massachusett’s republican.

I can’ t believe you think that by weakening our national defense with this START treaty, you are somehow in support of America’s interests. Go back and do better “due diligence”.


Justin’s email to Scott Brown after hearing that he will “compromise” with the Democrats and support America’s draw down of nuclear weapons by voting for the START treaty.

Why I Won’t Vaccinate My Kids

It looks like more and more people are becoming enlightened about the danger of vaccines.


Starbucks! The safest place in town


I really admire Starbucks policy of letting customers carry in handguns at their coffee shops.  As you read through the article above, notice how the critics assume that everyone who chooses to exercise their constitutional right of arming themselves should be considered a danger to society. The facts speak differently though. In states and cities that allow citizens to protect themselves with a handgun on their side, crime rates are substantially lower.  Here are two great examples. Washington D.C. has a city-wide ban on the carry of handguns and yet it has the worst crime rate in the country.  Chicago has also chosen to nix handguns from law-abiding citizens, and yet the city seems to be in the news everyday with increasing gang violence and murders. In other major cities across the country that allow the carry of handguns, crime rates are lower because a bad guy might think twice about breaking into a home or robbing a store if he thinks the owner might leave lead in his pants on the way out.

The truth is; responsible, law-abiding citizens make your community a safer place by carrying handguns.  Criminals will have firearms despite an enforced ban, so it doesn’t make sense to disarm the good guys and gals who could protect the innocent. It just makes us all easier targets.

So I say, “stick to your guns” Starbucks!  Our freedom is under assault more than ever before and you’re doing to right thing to help protect it.